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QNAP Dual M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD to U.2 Adapter

Part No. QDA-U2MP

3C1U2016 Dual M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter Card - x8 / x16 Dual NVMe or AHCI M.2 SSD to PCI Express 3.0 - M.2 NGFF PCIe (m-key) Compatible

Part No. PEX8M2E2


Dual M.2 PCIe SSD adapter to install 2 PCI Express M-Key SSD (NVMe/AHCI) in computer - Use M.2 NGFF SSDs individually or w/ software RAID 0 1 SPAN JBOD. Compatible w/ Samsung 970 Evo / 950 Pro / SM951. Windows Linux macOS. Full & low-profile bracket.

Asus M.2 to PCI Express Adapter

Part No. HYPER M.2 X16 CARD V2

6F226819 M.2 Adapter - 3 Port - 1 x PCIe (NVMe) M.2 - 2 x SATA III M.2 - SSD PCIE M.2 Adapter - M2 SSD - PCI Express SSD

Part No. PEXM2SAT32N1


Mount both PCIe (NVMe) and SATA based M.2 SSDs inside your computer using this PCI Express adapter card - 3 Port M.2 SSD (NGFF) Adapter Card/1 x PCIe (NVMe) M.2/2 x SATA III M.2/PCIe 3.0 - PCI Express 3.0 M.2 NGFF Card - Easily expand the storage and improve the overall performance of your desktop or server - Supports PCI Express 3.0 (x4) ideal for a high-performance M.2 PCIe SSD (NVMe) - OS independent with no drivers required for a fast hassle-free set up - Includes a low-profile bracket M.2 Adapter - x4 PCIe 3.0 NVMe - Low Profile and Full Profile - SSD PCIE M.2 Adapter - M2 SSD - PCI Express SSD

Part No. PEX4M2E1


Connect a PCIe M.2 SSD (NVMe or AHCI) to your computer through PCI Express for ultra-fast data access - x4 PCI Express to M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter - M.2 NGFF SSD (NVMe or AHCI) Adapter Card - x4 PCIe expansion card - Expansion bay adapter supports M key M.2 NGFF PCIe SSD - Add a high speed 4-lane M.2 NGFF SSD such as Samsung 950 Pro or Samsung SM 951 to your PC - Wide compatibility with M.2 SSDs (NVMe and AHCI): 110mm, 80mm, 60mm and 42mm - OS independent for fast and easy set-up

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