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VIVE 3-in-1 Cable

Model No. 99H20328-00


HDMI/Power/USB A/V/Power/Data Transfer Cable for Headset - First End: 1 x HDMI Male Digital Audio/Video, First End: 1 x Type A Male USB, First End: 1 x Power - 1 Pack

VIVE Controller

Model No. 99HAFR001-00


Wireless - USB

HTC VR Control Box

Model No. 99HAHV001-00


1 - Gray - Plastic

HTC DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort Audio/Video Cable

Model No. 99H20525-00


DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort A/V Cable for Audio/Video Device - Mini DisplayPort Digital Audio/Video - DisplayPort Digital Audio/Video

Racquet and Paddle Vive Bundle

Model No. 99H20499-00


TRK Paddle Handles(Ping Pong), TRK Racquet Handles(Tennis), Tracker 99H20499-00 = 99H20464-00 + 99H20483-00 + 99HALM00300 - HTC

5 Vive CE replacement straps

Model No. 99H20409-00


5 Vive CE replacement straps - Includes 5 Standard Straps. Replacement strap for VIVE CE headset ( Vive Consumer Edition, launched 2016). - HTC

Business Warranty Services

Model No. SVRW0033


VIVE Enterprise Business Warranty and Services. Enterprise-grade support and services. Two year limited commercial-use warranty support and services including next day email response, expedited repair or replacement. - HTC

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