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VIVE Charging Case VIVE VR Headset, Accessories

Part No. 99H20712-00



VIVE Ultimate Tracker Dongle

Part No. 99HATU003-00


VIVE Ultimate Tracker Dongle Required for VIVE Ultimate Tracker - HTC

VIVE Pro 2 Headset

Part No. 99HASW001-00


For PC - 120° Field of View - LCD - Bluetooth - Windows 11, Windows 10

Wireless Adaptor Vive Pro Ad

Part No. 99H20571-00


Wireless Adaptor Vive Pro Add-on is a kit that makes 99HANN01000 compatible with Pro HMD. - HTC

HTC VR Headset Facial Tracker

Part No. 99HATH003-00


HTC Audio Strap

Part No. 99HAMR001-00


VIVE VIVE Wireless Adapter for Headset

Part No. 99HANN050-00


VIVE Pro PULeather Face Gasket

Part No. 99H20554-00


Pro PU Leather Face Cushion (Set of 10). Compatible with VIVE Pro Series Virtual reality Headsets. - HTC

HTC SteamVR VR Base Station

Part No. 99HATV000-00



HTC VR Base Station

Part No. 99HAFS002-00


Black - Plastic

VIVE Power Bank (21W)

Part No. 99H12208-00


For Virtual Reality Headset, Wireless Adapter - 9750 mAh - 2 x USB

VIVE Focus Plus Virtual Reality Headset

Part No. 99HARH001-00


For Television, PC, Tablet - 110° Field of View - AMOLED - AAA - Battery Rechargeable

VIVE Ultimate Tracker

Part No. 99HATT003-00


The VIVE Ultimate Trackers allow you to bring multiple objects into your virtual space, from tools and training equipment to your entire body. The easysetup system is ideal for locationbased multiuser training, locationbased attractions, sports training, rehabilitation and therapy, and motion capture. Tracking types Precision anywhere, in every movement Full body tracking Capture fullbody movement with up to five trackers and two controllers or VIVE Wrist Trackers per headset or PC. Object tracking Track realworld objects on your headset or PC to increase the realism of your entertainment, production, or training experience. Performance capture Motion capture simplified. Designed for effortless setup and pinpoint accuracy, VIVE Ultimate Tracker offers game developers, animation studios, and content creators a costeffective, timesaving solution for capturing fluid character movements without the need for traditional motion capture suits. Sports training Onthego training Athletes train hard to stay sharp. Our simple tracker setup allows players to incorporate realworld equipment or fullbody tracking within virtual training environments to simulate gameday performance anywhere. Physical therapy rehabilitation Increase engagement Motivation is often a barrier for physical therapy patients. VIVE Ultimate Trackers increase immersion to help therapists keep patients engaged and motivated. Data from fullbody tracking can provide insight into areas of success and where improvement is needed. Locationbased entertainment Cablefree setup Elevate your freeroam immersive attraction and secure repeat customers by adding multiple peripherals to your standalone multiuser VR experiences. No backpack PC needed. Public safety training Handson time Skills training requires highfrequency handson time with professional tools to increase performance and get desired outcomes. Using VIVE Ultimate Trackers, first responders, police officers, and military personnel can train with these tools in a collaborative multiuser space to do their job more effectively. Product Overview VIVE Ultimate Tracker Paired with two high fieldofview cameras, VIVE Ultimate Tracker doesn't require the need to be seen by a headset or external sensors. Developed to be unrestricted, the OpenXRsupported tracker is fully compatible with VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3. You can connect up to five trackers per headset or PC via Wireless Dongle. VIVE Wireless Dongle required for use. Sold separately. VIVE Wireless Dongle The VIVE Ultimate Tracker connects to the VIVE Wireless Dongle using a proprietary 2.4GHz radio frequency RF to cut through noisy wireless bands. The wireless dongle supports up to five trackers per headset or PC. VIVE Wireless Dongle required for VIVE Ultimate Tracker to pair with any device. Product features Two high fieldofview cameras Computer vision eliminates the need for the tracker to be seen by a headset or external sensors. No base stations also means a much larger freeroam VR supported area. Small and lightweight At just 94g, VIVE Ultimate Tracker has an excellent weight distribution thanks to a streamlined design. Long range connectivity The tracker can share data back to the VIVE Wireless Dongle at up to 10m. Longlasting performance Get up to 7 hours of continuous use4 with the builtin battery. Quickrelease design Minimize downtime by swapping out trackers effortlessly with the quick release design. Command supporting pogo pins Pogo pins can be used to simulate input buttons like grip, trigger, trackpad, and menu as if you were using a standard VR controller. Standard 1/420 UNC Mount As the most common tripod bolt thread standard, it allows for a wide range of mounting options. - HTC

HTC Link Box (2.0)

Part No. 99HASU001-00


Black for Headset, PC

VIVE Leather Face Cushion for VIVE Pro - Set of 2

Part No. 99H20548-00


2 / Set - Leather

VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker

Part No. 99HATF003-00


HTC USB-C Data Transfer Cable

Part No. 99H12248-00


16.4 ft USB-C Data Transfer Cable for PC, VR Headset - First End: 1 x 24-pin USB 3.2 (Gen 2) Type C - Male - Second End: 1 x 24-pin USB 3.2 (Gen 2) Type C - Male - 10 Gbit/s - Black - 1

HTC VIVE Focus 3 Battery

Part No. 99H12237-00


For Virtual Reality Headset - 26.60 Wh - 1

VIVE Focus 3 Multi Battery Charger

Part No. 99H20733-00


2 Hour Charging - 4

VIVE XR Elite Virtual Reality Headset

Part No. 99HATS009-00


For PC - 110° Field of View - Bluetooth

VIVE Controller

Part No. 99HAFR001-00


Wireless - USB

VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit

Part No. 99HASZ011-00


120° Field of View - LCD - Bluetooth - Windows 10, Windows 11

HTC Headset Cable - Vive Pro 2

Part No. 99H12251-00


Audio Cable for Headset, Audio Device

VIVE Facial Tracker

Part No. 99HARE002-00


1 - Black

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