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Everki EKB407NCH Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 16" Notebook - Charcoal

Part No. EKB407NCH


Polyester Body - 12.80" (325 mm) Height x 16.14" (410 mm) Width x 4.33" (110 mm) Depth

Everki EKP133B Concept 2 Black

Part No. EKP133B


Concept 2 Backpack is an upgrade to the original Concept Backpack (EKP133). It brings on even more features than the previous version. - Everki

Everki EKP121S15 Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack Black

Part No. EKP121S15


The Atlas, EVERKIÂ?s feature-rich laptop backpack for the mobile professional. The ideal backpack to take you comfortably and stylishly through every leg of your journey. With highly organized functionality, itÂ?s the perfect business-travel companion

*  - Everki

Everki Advance EKB407NCH18 Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 18.4" Notebook - Charcoal

Part No. EKB407NCH18


Polyester Body - 14.17" (359.92 mm) Height x 3.15" (80.01 mm) Width x 19.29" (489.97 mm) Depth

Everki Advance Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 14.1" Notebook - Black

Part No. EKB407NCH14


Slip Resistant Shoulder Strap - Handle, Shoulder Strap, Trolley Strap - 11.02" (280 mm) Height x 14.17" (360 mm) Width x 1.97" (50 mm) Depth

Everki Journey EKB440 Carrying Case (Rolling Briefcase) for 16" Apple iPad Notebook

Part No. EKB440


14.50" (368.30 mm) Height x 16.50" (419.10 mm) Width x 7.50" (190.50 mm) Depth

Everki EKB414 Business Laptop Bag/Briefcase up to 14.1-Inch Black

Part No. EKB414


A compact briefcase with all-around memory foam protection, leather handles and accents, and ample organization. It?s slimmer, sleeker and less bulky than its stuffy counterpart; this bag marries the classic with the contemporary in a one-handed carry briefcase. - Everki

Everki EKB407NCH14ECO Advance ECO Laptop Bag Briefcase up to 13-14 inch Black

Part No. EKB407NCH14ECO


ADVANCE Laptop Bag Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles up to 14.1-Inch (EKB407NCH14-ECO).

- Everki

Everki EKB418 Business Women?s Slim Laptop Tote 15.6 inch Black

Part No. EKB418


This compact tote will serve well for daily commutes to and from the office or any type of business travel.  Slimmer and more feminine than a briefcase-style laptop bag, it marries the classic briefcase utility with a more contemporary style. A professional woman can maintain her elegant style with this tote instead of the more traditional workplace briefcase or backpack. The bag provides all-around protection for your laptop as well as ample organization. - Everki

Everki EKP132S17 Onyx Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack 17.3 Inch Black

Part No. EKP132S17


Every detail of the Onyx has been designed with the traveling executive in mind. Its top-of-the-line materials, premium features and timeless styling make this the right choice for discerning mobile professionals. - Everki

Everki Rugged Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 16" Apple iPad MacBook

Part No. EKB419


Leather Body - Checkpoint Friendly - Shoulder Strap, Handle - 11.81" (299.97 mm) Height x 16.93" (430.02 mm) Width x 3.74" (95 mm) Depth

Everki EKF808S13B ContemPRO Laptop Sleeve w/Memory Foam up to 13.3-Inch Black

Part No. EKF808S13B


Simple and effective. Works well as a standalone or as an accessory to a larger bag. When all you need is your laptop and the rest of the bulk and clutter can stay behind, streamline with a Commute Laptop Sleeve.  It is slim in profile, easy to carry, and the memory foam construction provides maximum protection for your device.  - Everki

Everki EKF822 Accessories Pouch Black

Part No. EKF822


The Accessories Pouch is designed to separate your mouse, charger, power supplies and cables from your more sensitive items. The padding on the bottom adds extra protection for smaller, more fragile items. - Everki

Everki Versa Premium Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 17.3" Apple iPad Notebook - Black

Part No. EKB427BK17


Water Resistant - Ballistic Nylon Body - Checkpoint Friendly - Shoulder Strap, Handle - 13.39" (340.11 mm) Height x 18.11" (459.99 mm) Width x 5.91" (150.11 mm) Depth

Everki EKB420 Titan Laptop Trolley 15 to 18.4 in Black

Part No. EKB420


Finally, the bag large enough to carry your beastly laptop in the convenience of a wheeled trolley. This bag offers all of the intuitive spaces, design and performance youÂ?ve come to expect from Everki, now available in a rolling design for maximum capacity and convenience. - Everki

Everki EKP132 Onyx Black

Part No. EKP132


A premium backpack which has almost every single great features that an EVERKI bag can have in an even lighter form. A best seller for 15.6Â? size that represents EVERKI brand.  - Everki

Everki Advance EKB407NCH11 Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 11.6" Apple iPad

Part No. EKB407NCH11


Contemporary Pattern - Shoulder Strap, Handle, Trolley Strap - 9.06" (230.12 mm) Height x 12.60" (320.04 mm) Width x 1.97" (50.04 mm) Depth

Everki Studio EKP118 Carrying Case (Backpack) for 15" Apple iPad Notebook

Part No. EKP118


Bump Resistant Interior, Scratch Resistant Interior, Shock Absorbing Interior - Shoulder Strap, Handle - 15.80" (401.32 mm) Height x 11" (279.40 mm) Width x 4.50" (114.30 mm) Depth

Everki EKP127B Versa 2 Premium Laptop Backpack Black

Part No. EKP127B


The clean lines and classic styling of the Versa 2 Premium Laptop Backpack make it the perfect solution for the mobile professional who wants the tailored look of a briefcase, and the organizational performance of a backpack. The intuitive design ? both inside and out ? offers the functionality you need; while the subtle styling, structured profile and dangle-free straps won?t leave you hanging. - Everki

Everki EKS622XL Venue XL Premium RFID bag up to 12in Black

Part No. EKS622XL


YouÂ?ll find spaces for what you need during a flight or your trip to the corner cafÂ?. With its intuitive layout and black on black leather accents, itÂ?s sure to become your favorite essentials bag. - Everki

Everki Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 17.3" Notebook - Charcoal

Part No. EKB407NCH17


Shock Resistant Interior - Polyester Body - Foam Interior Material - Shoulder Strap - 12.99" (329.95 mm) Height x 17.32" (439.93 mm) Width x 4.33" (109.98 mm) Depth

Everki EKP118EECO Studio ECO Expandable Laptop Backpack Black

Part No. EKP118EECO


Many professionals crave a backpack that can adapt to their dynamic lifestyle while championing sustainability. The Studio Expandable effortlessly meets these needs, offering flexible capacity and certified Global Recycled Standard fabric made from 18 recycled plastic bottles.

- Everki

Everki EKF808S18B Commute Laptop Sleeve w/Memory Foam up to 18.4-Inch Black

Part No. EKF808S18B


Sometimes convenience comes in small packages. Felt-lined, well-padded, and with a pair of stashable handles and an extra pocket for accessories, this quietly attractive sleeve works well as a stand-alone or as an accessory to a larger bag. - Everki

Everki EKP119 Carrying Case (Backpack) for 16" Notebook - Black

Part No. EKP119


Nylon Body - Foam Interior Material - Checkpoint Friendly - 17.72" (450.09 mm) Height x 9.45" (240.03 mm) Width x 12.99" (329.95 mm) Depth

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