Enterprise Networking

At the core of your communication and collaboration infrastructure is the network, providing fast, seamless connectivity that is essential to your business operations.

Successful networks begin with careful assessment and design.

At CareTek we work closely with you in consultative fashion so that we truly understand your network requirements.

Our CCIE Certified Engineers will evaluate your network infrastructure to determine where it meets your business needs, and where it should be improved or changed. You may need to support more users, new applications, improve business continuity or consolidate services that reduce cost and improve security. Using the latest in diagnostic equipment, we can examine your network and pinpoint bottlenecks or potential bandwidth issues, and summarize your overall network performance in a Network Health Assessment report.

Then, we design a solution that is customized just for you, applying technologies such as virtualization and unified communications to deliver services that are both secure and affordable. Where possible, we’ll integrate with your existing systems. Where new infrastructure is required, we’ll make sure you understand the costs and reasons. And, we’ll provide a blueprint for implementing your new network and managing it after deployment.

At CareTek we enable our clients to compete in a connected world of seamless communication and help reduce costs, increase productivity, deliver a competitive advantage and enhance customer service. We partner with global networking vendors to provide with the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Switching and Routing is at the core of any networking requirement and plays an important role in productivity. We design and implement customized solutions that result in enhanced performance and scalability as the business grows. Our experts take a systems-level approach by embedding security into the network and integrating business-critical services, advise and help you optimize traffic performance, boost productivity, meet customer needs, and reduce operating costs.

Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology is growing at a very fast pace. We have a team of experience professionals who could design the WLAN architecture for you utilizing all the existing resources and tuning your network to produce optimum performance.

Ensuring a company’s network is reliable and secure is critical.

We provide a range of networking solutions that include network design, implementation of high availability secure LAN and WAN architecture, reliable IP telephony, unified communications, accelerating application performance, network management and monitoring solutions, and datacenters.

Leverage the knowledge of our engineers through our network discovery service which simplifies management of business networks by quickly compiling numerous high-value data points for all connected networks.

This provides complete networking device visibility, assists in proper change control, enables proactive network management, and allows for enhanced planning and decision making.

Our offerings include:

  • Design Services
  • Build Services
  • Assessment Services
  • Testing Services