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CareTek offers solutions for

Public Cloud

We provide cloud services like Platform As Service (PAAS), Infrastructure As Service (ISAAS), Software As Service (SAAS) through our business partners Azure and IBM. Using a public cloud can significantly reduce the cost of IT Infrastructure as well as operational expenses. It reduces the cost of acquisition of hardware, its maintenance and also the cost of trained and qualified IT support staff.

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud provides the best-of-both solutions combining the scalability of the public cloud and the confidentiality of the private cloud. The Hybrid Cloud management solution provides a unified and coherent management interface to control and manage the public as well as the private cloud.

Private Cloud

We help enterprises to build their own private cloud using various solutions from Azure, Vmware, Redhat & Citrix.

Cloud management software provides a platform to easily register users, create work group services profiles, and manage virtual resources

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Solutions offers many benefits to an organization, including superior speed and performance for IT resources, more efficient utilization of IT resources, lower IT infrastructure costs, lower IT operational costs and increased capacity to handle peaks in demand for IT resources, like web applications and services.

Cloud computing within an enterprise also provides a safer computing environment. Cloud Solutions also provides the capacity for flexible data security policies, where security decisions can be made based on a variety of factors including: the user’s role within the enterprise, the user’s current access location, the type of data or application being accessed by the user and the type of device being used.

With Cloud Solutions, the bottlenecks that typically occur with the configuration, expansion and replacement of traditional on premise IT systems and components can be eliminated, since the IT infrastructure can be expanded or contracted on demand through virtualization.

Cloud computing eliminates the typical challenges presented by localized power grid interruptions, physical data loss due to catastrophic events and malicious onsite attacks to the IT infrastructure within an organization. The cloud computing framework provides an optimal environment for faster, safer and cheaper delivery of IT services within an enterprise.

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