Benefits of Financing:

  • Free up your working capital instead of allocating it to costly acquisitions, financing allows you to optimize your cash flow by investing it in other segments of your business
  • Upto 100% financing available w/ 100% tax deductibility
  • Bundles an entire solution (including ancillary costs such as installation and peripherals)
  • Reduce equipment ‘outdated-ness’ by being able to upgrade inline with technological developments
  • Conserve credit lines
  • Flexibility of choice of term (match equipment lifetime up to 3 years)
  • Fixed payments prevent any unpleasant surprises in the long run, allowing you precise budgeting that does not suffer from increased interest rates
  • Multiple options available at the end of term i.e. renew or continue financing, return or offer to buy the equipment at zero additional cost
  • There are no restrictions and or limitations on the upfront payable amount
  • The fact that you are not financing the equipment’s full value helps you save capital, which is further reinforced by zero equipment disposal cost at the end of term
  • Since items financed are not usually listed as assets in the balance sheet, financing consequently helps stabilize your business by way of improving significant financial ratios

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