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Add a New Perspective to life with our stunning Quadcopters & Drone Products!

Hi-Res Footage (4K)

Let the drone follow you around while you enjoy the surroundings with your hands free

3D Environment Sensing (avoiding obstacles)

With a complete 360 degree environmental awareness now there is no need to worry about your drone crashing into foliage or other obstacles

Reduced Noise

New and improved propellers enable quieter flights with better performance even in higher wind speeds

Follow Me

Shoot exceptional quality videos and capture stunning images for both entertainment and or professional applications

Flight Time

With an average flight time of 30 mins, you have plenty of time to capture memorable moments any way you like

Extended Range

An average flight time of half an hour allows your drone to cover long distances under ideal conditions

Max Speed

With top speeds in excess of 50kph, you don’t have to worry about leaving your camera behind as you zip down snowy slopes or burn rubber on the track

Return Home

Recall your aircraft with the return home button once you are done with your shot or when the battery has run low


Create great content with a new perspective

FPV (First Person View)

Take your entertainment to the next level with aircraft compatible with FPV goggles

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