Streamline procurements with CareTek's online e-commerce platform; with comprehensive product sourcing and pricing to easily obtain product quotations including stock status.

Our systems automatically aggregate 1M+ cutting-edge technology products from all the top distributers and other strategic sourcing arrangements we have developed.

One-stop Solution:

Look no further; don't waste time and resources searching for products, services and licenses when you could be utilizing them to generating revenue for your company. Leverage CareTek's platform - Maximize the value of your IT investment by consolidating all of your volume purchases, trend reports, and metrics and procurement channels through CareTek.

Following are some benefit of opting for CareTek as your procurement partner:

  • Configuration, Imaging & Asset Tagging
  • Hardware Rollout Services
  • Reduce Rollout Cost
  • Removal Services
  • Inventory & Warehousing
  • Deployment
  • Dedicated Account Managers

Why do we even need a dedicated Account Manager (AM)?

  • Your AM is your single point of contact for all of your inquiries and procurement needs. They will do the hardwork of getting the best products and resolving any issues around the process.
  • AMs grant you direct access with out having to go through layers of abstraction. You as a customer are a priority and they reinforce it!
  • Our AMs are trained and have deep expertise in the trade, and are equipped to navigate you in the best possible manner, where you yourself could err or end up making a not so smart decision.
  • End of the day, as a customer you will gain increased satisfaction, see better revenues and value-for-money.