Stay on top of looming threats with sophisticated and heuristic security solutions from leading experts. CareTek provides comprehensive security solutions through our lifecycle approach via its partners.

In today's competitive digital economy, the ability to conduct business over WANs is a critical success factor.

It is imparative that the correct information is accessible to appropriate individuals on demand. This open data sharing, which is so critical to corporate success, unfortunately is also a threat to the business. Although frequently undervalued, information is one of an organization's most valuable assets. Internal and external security breaches that allow improper access to data can result in financial losses and tarnished reputations. Without a solid enterprise security strategy, corporations are exposing their vulnerabilities with their various IT applications.

The core of a successful security program is an inclusive security policy that provides a management framework for securing information and making it available to authorized persons on demand. We have a proactive approach to security with the goal of developing intelligent self-defending networks that eliminate most risks to customers' assets.

Our solutions emphasize knowledge transfer that will allow organizations to successfully monitor and manage their IT security going forward. We provide a range of services and products that work together to recognize threats, implement policies, and enforce security in a consistent, dynamic and real-time manner.

Some of our Security Solutions

  • Security Audit & Vulnerability Assessment services
  • Firewall Design, Deployment and Maintenance services
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention systems
  • Gateway Security & Management
  • Enterprise Anti-Virus Services
  • SPAM & Spyware solutions
  • Application & Database Administration Services
  • Authentication & Identity management solutions for:
    • Secure Mobile & Remote Access
    • Secure Enterprise Access
    • Secure Transactions
  • CRM Solutions

Our Partners   ➤

Cisco Canada Watch Guard Symantec Kaspersky
Sophos Alien Vault